Our Services

Our Services

May 4, 2022 2023-11-04 8:44

We keep your income completely passive, handling every part of the process from pre-screening guests, to communicating during the stay, to professional cleanings and minor repairs.

Inital Set-Up

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We bring our knowledge of the Tucson short term rental market (STR) to the table, but each property is unique. Understanding your exact competition helps us position your listing for success.

Short term renters value specific amenities. We’ll tour your property and gather essential information that will help us turn your space into a thriving and lucrative STR business.

Based on information gleaned from the property tour, we’ll create recommendations and a suggested startup budget. We’ll also compile a profit analyzer document to showcase the financial potential.

We craft a personalized agreement and identify an associated management fee (typically 15-25% of the Gross revenues) based on your situation and what’s required from our team. We’ll also create a timeline to launch.

Our established inventory lists and foothold in the local community allows us to purchase everything needed to get your STR up and running most cost-effectively and sustainably.

We contract with vetted professionals that put your property in its best light. We’ll book and direct your photoshoot, contributing our understanding of the nuances that help listings stand out.

Whether it’s Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Furnished Finders, Corporate Housing by Owner, or another online travel agency (OTA) – we list your property on the best-suited sites to attract your target market and achieve your goals.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of local attractions and Airbnb Experiences to craft custom guidebooks for each vacation rental property we manage. This level of personalized service helps us provide memorable trips to all our guests.

This manual is the bones of your house translated for quests. Be it the keypad code or what day to wheel the trash to the curb, we put the inner workings of your STR property in writing to increase your guests’ enjoyment and 5-star reviews.

We’ll add your property to our dynamic pricing system. By adjusting rates on an up-to-the-minute basis according to seasonality, available inventory, and other factors, we maximize average nightly rates and increase occupancy.

To improve response rates, we program and schedule automated guest communications for typical inquiries. We also craft nuanced messages that our team uses in real-time to respond to questions that require a personal touch.

Once everything is in place, we push your listings live on the OTA sites of choice. We then move to the ongoing management phase while you sit back and reap the rewards of a new passive stream of income!

Ongoing Management

Guest Services

Promptly responding to guests is essential to maximizing bookings and increasing 5-star reviews. Our 100% Airbnb response rate speaks for itself!

We live in Tucson and have a team of professionals ready to provide local, 24/7 support. Catering to guests with personalized service is something that larger national chains simply cannot offer.

Our strict pre-screening process and list of intake questions allow us to weed out any potential problem guests and find those that will treat your vacation rental property with care.

We manage all bookings and collect payments for all reservations. We’ll send you a payout each month, so all you have to do is watch your bank account grow!

If any disputes or reimbursement for damages need to be addressed with guests, Airbnb, or another OTA, we’ll handle it! We can also make recommendations about supplemental short term rental insurance if needed.

We have STR contracts that have already been approved by our legal team that we can quickly update and execute when working outside of hosting platforms like Airbnb.

Marketing & Promotion

We’ll continue to hone your property’s pricing in our dynamic pricing system. By managing to a metric called REVPAR (the occupancy rate multiplied by the average nightly rate), we can find the sweet spot where we’re maximizing both.

Our marketing experts will promote your property on our social media channels and our website to gain exposure for your listings and increase occupancy rates.

We continuously research the competition and industry trends, frequently optimizing your listing according to best practices.

Property Management

Impeccable cleanliness is crucial to your listing’s success, especially during COVID times. Our 100% 5-star cleanliness ratings on Airbnb emphasizes the reliability and high standards of cleanliness of our carefully cultivated team of local cleaners.

Our dedicated local team of handymen, landscapers, and other tradespeople allows us to keep your property in perfect condition. And our quarterly in-depth property inspections help give you the peace of mind that your investment will be well cared for.

We are always looking for additions that could make your property that much more desirable (and bookable!) for future guests. And we’ll take care of procurement and installation.

We’ll restock the basics and recommend little touches that create repeat customers without breaking the bank.

Owner Services

Each month, we’ll send you a payout based on the listing’s Net revenues. We’ll also provide a monthly reconciliation of your account and a profit and loss statement, making it easier for you come tax time.

Along with your P&L statement each month, we include a snapshot of your listing’s performance. We use this information to optimize your listing and adjust our future strategy.

We complete annual 1099 reporting and pay all state taxes and dues.

Our legal team is always on top of the latest local laws and will ensure your property is adequately permitted with the city/state in which it is located.